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New Faculty Application

New Faculty Application

New Faculty Application
Support for New Faculty Research Seed Money Detaildownload
1. Purpose of the Grant
To achieve the university's goal of becoming a world renowned premier research-oriented institution by instilling research competence and incentive in new faculty.

2. Qualification
New full-time faculty hired for the designated semester by the Academic Affairs Office and reported to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.
Not available for part-time faculty, non-tenure track faculty or teaching fellows.

3. Amount of Grant
Type Amount
Individual Research10 million KRW
4. Period of Research
4.1. Period of Research: One year, beginning from March 1 (for those who are hired for the 1st semester) or September 1 (for those who are hired for the 2nd semester.)
4.2. The grant is to cover expenses during the research period; any remaining funds will be redeemed by the University at the end of the period.

5. Application Process
5.1. Application : Available online at http://rms.yonsei.ac.kr
5.2. Application Deadline
5.2.1. Spring semester - End of March
5.2.2. Fall semester - End of September

6. Evaluation of the Proposal
Although the grant will be endowed regardless of the evaluation of the proposal, all qualified professors must submit the application and proposal to receive the grant.

7. Awarding Process
7.1. The principal researcher must input the general research information, budget plan, and co-researcher(s) including the principal researcher through the Research Management System, and request confirmation.
7.2. The Office of Research Affairs will review the electronic data through the Research Management System. If (s)he doesn't make an error, the Office of Research Affairs will process the issuing of a corporate credit card for research expense payment.
7.3. All payments should be made within the research period and the remaining budget will be returned to the University. All expenses must be for the relevant research project, and proper verification receipts should be submitted to the Office of Research Affairs.

8. Final Report
8.1. Making the Final Report
8.1.1. The principal researcher must submit a final report within a month of the end of the research period. (through the Research Management System)
8.1.2. Research Results (Recommended): Books, reports, excerpted articles, performance programs, etc.
8.2. Restrictions for Failing to Submit Final Report
8.2.1. In the case the final report is not submitted, the professor involved will not be permitted to apply for the University Academic Research Grant.
8.2.2. The professor who does not submit the final report will be restricted from applying for additional Administrative Research Funds and additional support for Research Activities.

9. Suspension and Redemption of the Grant
The Dean of the Office of Research Affairs/Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation can make the decision to suspend or recall the Grant if any of the following happens:
9.1. When any violation(s) of the pertaining regulations and the detailed regulations occur(s)
9.2. When the grant is used for other than the designated purpose
9.3. When falsification in the application form or proposal is revealed
9.4. When the Dean decides there is/are principal reason(s) for the suspension of the research
9.5. When the final report is not submitted within the designated deadline of submission.

10. Those items concerning the operation of these guidelines that are not specified within these guidelines may be established by the Dean of the Office of the Research Affairs/Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation.

This regulation shall take effect from the second semester of the 2006 academic year.
Item Applicable Expenses Limits Payment Methods and Verification Documents
1 .Salaries and Wages- Compensation for principal and co-researcher's research activity
- Compensation for support staff (research assistants, including students in Master's or Doctorate degree programs)
Cannot exceed 70% of the total budget.
Salary cap: cannot exceed two million KRW per month.
All salaries and wages must be directly deposited to the personal bank accounts registered in the SAP system.
2. Travel Expenses- Research related domestic and overseas travel and field surveys- Transportation fares: actual expense
Lodging, meals and local transportation fares: Subject to the University's governing cost principles on research travel.
Submit completed travel application form prior to each planned travel.
3. Equipment and facilities- Inconsumable tangible machineries and tools that last more than two years without deformation (including computer facilities and software)
- Rentals for equipment required for the research
Actual costFor credit card transactions, submit the card receipt with purchase list.
For other expenses, submit tax statement and purchase list.
1. All payments must be made within the research period.
2. All expenses must be incurred directly for the pertaining research project, and must accord to the above cost guidelines. Proper receipt/invoices for the expenses that can verify the usage and conform to the above guidelines should be submitted.
3. Although there are no set limits other than for salaries and wages and travel expenses, please make your expenses rational and balanced according to the research objectives.
4. As a general rule, all payments other than salaries and wages must be made by the provided credit card.
5. Various forms related to the research grant reimbursement and travel application are available online at the Office of Research Affairs homepage → Resources → Expense/Reimbursement.
Support for Research Equipment for New Faculty Members in Science and Engineering Fields Detaildownload
1. Objectives
To promote research through the establishment of basic research infrastructure by supporting the procurement of research equipment for new faculty members in science and engineering fields

2. Eligibility
Newly appointed full-time faculty members in science and engineering fields
※ Science and engineering fields: College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Life Science & Biotechnology, College of Human Ecology, College of Science and Technology (Wonju), College of Health Sciences (Wonju)

3. Support Criteria and Amounts Provided
A. Up to KRW 10 million for a theoretical research project
B. Up to KRW 20 million for a laboratory research project

4. Use of Grant
Purchase of equipment (software not included) and establishment of a laboratory to undertake research
(※ Use of funding for labor/travelling/conference expenses is not allowed)

5. Application Process and Required Documentation
A. Submit the application form to the Office of Research Affairs.
B. Provision of the grant will be decided after reviewing the submitted application form.

6. Others
A. This grant system shall take effect in July 2008.
B. Equipment purchased through this grant is registered as the university's equipment for common use.
C. Submit research to an SCI-registered journal within two years of the completion of the project.

7. Notation in Research Output
All research output must include the following passage.
15.1. In English: "This work was supported (in part) by the Yonsei University Research Fund of 200_"
15.2. In other appropriate languages: a passage corresponding to the above must be included.