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Yonsei University Office of Research Affairs and University - Industry Foundation(UIF)

Welcome to Yonsei University Office of Research Affairs and University - Industry Foundation (UIF), the incubator for Korean research and cooperation between industry and school.

The Yonsei University Office of Research Affairs was established in March 1991, with aspirations to help Yonsei University become a global research-focused university, to promote excellence in research achievement, and to systematically improve its research environment. In a short period of time, the research capabilities of Yonsei University have achieved remarkable progress in various fields, and we now boast a global-level research infrastructure far beyond the average in Korea. Our achievements include annual research funds of approximately 4 billion won and approximately 4,000 papers published in international academic journals; this has been made possible thanks to the combined support of an excellent faculty, a large pool of researchers, and policy support from the university.

Ever since establishing the Yonsei University UIF based on the March 2004 “Legislation on the Promotion of Industrial Education and Industry-Academia Cooperation,” we have been creating superior intellectual property and producing valuable achievements in technology commercialization by building infrastructure and system that vitalize industrial-academic cooperation.

In order to be a leading institution in global research and industrial-academic cooperation, the Yonsei University Office of Research Affair/UIF will spare no investment or support for research promotion programs, research management and support programs, intellectual property rights management, or commercialization of research outcomes. 

Yonsei University Dean for Research Affairs /
President of University-Industry Foundation