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Research Space

Public concept of research space

  • 1) Outline
    • Prohibiting personal or exclusive possession of research space inside the school, and aiming for more effective utilization of space
    • Providing a better research environment for university researchers performing external research projects
  • 2) Division of space
    • Exclusive space (e.g. , research office, laboratory) is assigned only to research personnel without an existing research office, and is withdrawn upon the completion of project to be provided to other researchers. Equipment and tools that can be used in communal spaces (e.g. , common equipment room) are made available for use even after the completion of a project.
  • 3) Status of the communal research spaces
     The main communal research spaces at Yonsei University are the industrial-academic cooperation research building and the advanced science technology research building  
  • Industrial-academic cooperation research building  
      • Built for the purpose of industrial cooperative research; Construction began in May 2001 and was completed in 2003.
      • It has a total ground area of 2,702 pyung (about 8,932 m2); the building has five stories and one underground level. The basement floor and two ground floors are used as a 154KV joint substation, while the 3rd to 5th floors are used as research spaces.
      • The Bioengineering Research Center, the Marc Regulation Center, the Center for Supramolecular Nano-Assembly, the Center for Nanoscale Mechatronics & Manufacturing, the Nano Manufacturing Research Center, the Proteome Research Center, the Youth Science & Technology Promotion Agency, the Complex for Technology Fusion in Civil Engineering, and the NZEV Center are located in the research spaces (i.e. , the 3rd to 5th floors).
      • The building promotes enhanced technology in relevant industries and improved quality of research capabilities within the university through industrial-academic cooperative research
  • Advanced science technology research building
      • The advanced science technology research building was established for the support of large-scale national assignments performed in the school.
      • The total ground space is 3,470 pyung (about 11,471 m2), with three stories and three underground stories, and the building was completed in 2005 at a cost of 16 billion won.
      • The Research Institute of Science for Aging, the Center for Atomic Wires and Layers, the Nano Physics Laboratory, the Center for Bioactive Molecular Hybrids, the Yonsei Nanomedical National Core Research Center, the Center for Galaxy Evolution Research, and the Center for the Ministry of Education are located in the advanced science technology research building.
      • Laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities, a research office, clean rooms, and office space are available.
      • The advanced science technology research building is not operated by one institution. It is a communal research space operated by the university for advanced scientific technology research. Space requirements are regularly inspected to maximize efficient space utilization.
      • An extension of three more stories is planned in the future to further improve the research environment through the provision of more research spaces.
  • 4) Procedures for space allocation
    • Allocation duties regarding communal research space are handled by the Research Space Subcommit. The subcommit immediately response to the requirements of each research project. Procedures for space allocation are as follows:

    Procedures for space allocation

  • 5) Please apply through the research management system


general equipment management status

  • Basic laboratory establishment is supported by providing new staff research funds to newly appointed teaching staff as settlement costs (supporting the purchase of basic common equipment).
  • Expensive equipment is purchased by the Support Center for Medium and Small Enterprises in the Yonsei Engineering Research Park, to support research activities within the university and within the external research pool.
  • Communal equipment rooms are operated for each section in the advanced science technology research building.
  • Basic equipment purchased through the 2004 Ministry of Education support project, as well as future purchases, in the communal equipment room so that they can be used by researchers in the university.
  • Common research tools purchased through internal and external research funding are maintained and supported in the common equipment room of the designated research center after the completion of a research project period.