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Technology Transfer

1. Significance of Technology Transfer

‘Technology transfer’ means to transfer rights or technology obtained through research and development to others who want to implement it or allow implementation. Technology transfer in its comprehensive meaning can be understood as including all manners of rights transfer, licensing, and initiating know-how.

Article 2 of the Legislation on Technology Transfer and Promotion of Commercialization
(previously Known as the Technology Transfer Promotion Law)
  • 1. “Technology” is anything relevant to the following categories.
    • a. intellectual property such as patents, utility models, design, layout design of semi-conductor integrated circuits and software that are registered according to related legislation such as 「Patent Law」
    • b. capital goods which integrate technology in a.
    • c. information regarding technology in a. or b.
    • d. others applying to a. or c. according to presidential decree
  • 2. “Technology Transfer” is to transfer technology from a technology holder (including those with the authority to dispose of technology) to another person through methods of transfer, permitting right to perform, technology guidance, collaborative research, joint investment, or merger and acquisition.

Types of Technology Transfer

  • Transfer of Rights

    Transfer of rights means to transfer rights according to a contract. Rights that are transferred are rights that are protected by law, such as patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, computer program rights, and rights for layout design of semi-conductor integrated circuits.

  • Permitting Right to Perform (Licensing)

    Permitting right to perform (licensing) is a contract that allows others to perform and use the technology while patent holders still possess the rights to the technology.

  • Initiating Technology

    This is the so-called transfer of know-how. Initiating technology is conducted together with transfer of specific rights, or teaching detailed techniques for specific technology without transfer of rights, or transferring related programs or equipment.

Technology Transfer Process of Yonsei University UIF

Technology transfer process of Yonsei University UIF
Flowchart Schedule Content Reference Results
select technology for technology transferYear-round
  • discover superior technology in invention evaluation
  • discover applicable technology from lab consulting
  • discover technology of interest to industry
  • invention evaluation results
  • patent management system
  • lab consulting report
  • industry business report
  • status of superior technology and related professors
interview technology developerYear-round
  • confirm application possibility of technology transfer
  • discuss suitable fee for technology
  • guidance regarding legislation related to technology transfer
  • utilize checklist when interviewing inventor
  • past cases of technology transfer
  • interview report
establish marketing strategiesWhen needed
  • review possibility of packaging related patents
  • review method for technology transfer, investment ties, government project ties, industrial-academic cooperation ties)
  • establish industry marketing strategies
  • status of inventor’s patent registration
  • status of government project notices
  • technology marketing program
  • marketing strategy (draft) for industry meeting
discover industry demand and industry meetingYear-round
  • participate in/host technology presentation/consultation
  • cooperate with technology mediating agency and related institutions
  • comprehend possibility of industry technology transfer
  • discover program for industry demand
  • marketing report
  • CCRETOP, industry homepage
  • industry status
  • subsequent schedule
  • method for technology transfer
establish negotiation strategies and perform negotiationWhen needed
  • technology transfer form, technology fee (advance, regular)
  • establish plan for payment method
  • negotiate conditions for technology transfer
  • patent commercialization evaluation report
  • past cases of technology transfer
  • draft of technology transfer contract
  • other terms of agreement
contract and follow-up managementWhen needed
  • enter into technology transfer contract
  • report when transferring results of government projects (w/ patent strategy team)
  • follow-up service (support commercialization, collect technology fees)
  • Yonsei University standard contract for technology transfer
  • cases of collecting regular technology fees
  • contract for technology transfer

Compensation for Technology Transfer Researcher

Compensation for technology transfer researcher
Division Paid incentive Person in charge of each technology In charge of technology fee
100 million won or less60% of technology transfer fee Kim, Hoon-Bae
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5156)
Kim, Dong-Myung
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5189)
Park, Seong-Joo
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5144)
Lee, Seock-jin
(Technology Commercialization Team , 4855)
Hong, Sung-Koo
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5132)
Cheong, Dong-Hyun
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5163)
Kim, Yong-Hwan
(Technology Commercialization Team , 5141)
Lee Min-Seon
(Management support Team) (5137)
Amount exceeding 100 million won50% of technology  transfer fee